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OMEGA has established itself as a prominent industry leader when it comes to sliding aluminium windows and doors performance. The company's focus on innovation and quality is evident in its use of proprietary components that effectively manage seal compression. This unique feature ensures that the panels of OMEGA's sliding windows and doors remain securely in place even during extraordinary weather events.

Standard Residential


  • Featuring proprietary components which manage seal compression, protecting against strong weather conditions.
  • Exceeds the Very High Wind Zone performance requirements of NZS4211:2008.
  • ‘No trip’ feature – floor finishes internally and externally can be at the same level.
  • Sliding track provides a sump below track level to conceal silt or debris that may accumulate.
  • The Polyamide track system – By introducing this track element we have avoided the issue other suppliers have with surface finishing failing through excess load and wear.
  • Proprietary track system which has been tested with a panel in excess of 300kg with our stainless steel sliding door roller.
  • OMEGA conducted door cycle testing (open and close operations) over 35,000 operations which equates to over 140km.


Thermal Architectural Series

  • Use of Q-LON™ seals in proprietary jointer detail to achieve the highest level of water and air performance.
  • Cycle tested to over 35,000 operations, more than 20 years of normal use.
  • Designed for strength and aesthetics without the need for an unattractive finish.
  • Optional concealed fixing of sliding door rails.
  • Unique components designed to minimise water infiltration.

Architectural Series

  • Glides on high capability rollers, capable of carrying 450kgs of glass
  • Sliding door panels are on the outside, providing a higher performance door installation
  • Sliding door panels can conveniently meet at 90 degrees.
  • Fixed lights and sliding panels have common sightline appearance.
  • Proprietary 4 panel bi-parting door solution to provide the narrowest 4 panel joint on the market.
  • Polyamide track to provide a robust surface for the rollers to smoothly glide on.
  • Foam Q Lon internal perimeter sealing for higher weathering and acoustic performance.
  • Unique raised track solution to allow water to drain quickly away.
Sliding Windows + Doors

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